Consumer Protection

Restore your life! Due to recent unfortunate events, many people are facing loan, credit card problems and financial difficulties. There are times when you can’t pay your debt due to various reasons. Sometimes, these people are relentless, even aggressive, in collecting the money you owe. 

Asset Protection Plan: an abundance of assets and certain career professions can increase susceptibility and potential chances to getting sued. By creating a proactive plan to protect your assets, you can focus your attentions on living your life instead of living to protect your assets. If you need assistance with estate planning, forming a trust, constructing a will or creating an LLC, Attar Law Group can create a distinctive plan that legally safeguards your assets in the event of a lawsuit.

Debt Settlement: personal debt is stifling and difficult to overcome depending on the circumstances impacting your ability to repay your debt. Your journey for addressing debt settlement, while tense at times, does not have to be alone. Attar Law Group can help negotiate and protect you from overwhelming situations with creditors by finding a solution that prevents burdensome repercussions on your day-to-day life.

Credit Repair: good and excellent credit scores are essential for moving forward to new and exciting ventures in our lives. Certain situations such as identity theft or overwhelming debt can keep individuals in limbo and away from achieving their goals. At Attar Law Group, we can review your credit report, assess for potential errors, help you settle with creditors, and provide pathways to improve your credit standing.

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